jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Enviroment issues

Please, answer this survey:

1. What do you think is the best alternative energy source for water?

2. Explain all kinds of ways in which YOU can avoid pollution.

3. Do you know what Global Warming really means? Do you know how ordinary people helps this to happen?

4. What do you feel about this picture?

5. If world news said that the world is about to finish earlier than expected, would you help organizations to evoid this urgently??

6. Do you keep your trash when you eat something until you see a trashcan or you just throw it in the street? (Be honest)

7. Do you agree with people who wear real leather, cocodrile, snakeskin or fur coats (clothes in general)? Why?

8. If you could speak to the manager of a private company that you know it has always contaminated the city, what would be your argues to convince him to use other types of energy?

9. Have you ever visited parks, museums, zoos, or other types of placer in which you can find flora and fauna? Did you liked it? Did you learn something?

10. Do you really think this world is ending or youn think is just an exageration? Why?

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

What can ordinary people do to help in the fight against crime?

People often blame police and authorities because they don't do "anything" against crime, in which the most affected are just ordinary people; but, think it or not, we can do lots of things to fight against crime because we can't let criminals do whatever they want. We need to feel safe ourselves by no putting in risk our integrity, don't walk in dangerous streets or in footbridges where you know you can be stolen by criminals. You can also buy (if you can) things to protect yourselves, such as change the lock, buy electric shock tools in case of self defense, buy a dog and train it with special abilities, buy panic bottoms, pepper sprays, or in special cases, you can by a gun, but it's not recommendable because of the bad use people can give it. Another healthier solution is to learn physical self defense, like kung fu, karate, tae kwon do, etc. Some useful pieces of advice is to keep your personal information safe from unknown people, be always aware of people you don't know, which it doesn't mean you have to be paranoid all the time, just be careful.

As you can see, there are so many ways to help avoid and fight against crime, don't leave the solutions to authorities if you can do something about it, you can protect yourself, as we all know, not everything is for free, but, will you keep waiting for something to happen you and your family? What do you expect? While people in charge don’t care about us we need to deal in the best ways this issue, what are waiting for?

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

It should be illegal for parent to hit their childrenii

A punch, hitting, a kick, a slap... What can this physical punishments could cause in a child of two, five, thirteen, or sixteen years old? Do these physical punishments teach something to them? What do you think they could learn with all of this? Respect or fear?
Is true, some parents lose their minds and don't think what they are doing, some of them are just mad and they can't control themselves, some of them were hardly punished by their own parents and they think that's the only way to solution their children's behaviors problems, some of those parents think that sometimes is necessary a little slap to control their kids, and despite I think physiological violence is worse than physical, is not a subject we must ignore at all.
If we think of ways of teaching in 50' to 90' is all conductive, and every time the student didn’t do what the teacher wanted, the student had to pay consequences, that's why I think our parents and their parents don't understand and can't get other ways to express anger or control their kids, and for worse, they are not able to dimensionate the damage their are doing do their child or what could the kid be into, such things as drugs or alcohol to "get away" from their houses.
I strongly believe that it should be illegal for parent to hit their children, because now there are new ways to teach and for let anger escape from ourselves, there is breathing exercises, communication, professional help, etc.
We don't want to see anymore cases like the man who almost kill her baby of almost a week of life, because he wanted to have a boy, not a girl. That are the kinds of things that proves us there are not qualified people to have children, so parents can control themselves or think two times what they are doing before they think if they want to have a baby.

Two weeks at camp California!

Mrs. Helen Ryan:
Thank you very much because of this opportunity you are giving me, I feel so lucky right now to show my talents and win for them.
According to the information you need, I can communicate you that I can only travel in July, because I need some more time to recover my breath since the last competition, as you may know, was not very easy. My leg is not very good and I prefer to get rest.
About the accommodation, I prefer log cabins rather than tents, because log cabins are more comfortable than tents and I'm kind of scared of bugs and I wouldn't like it a bee or a mosquito in my ear at night; besides I don't want a back pain in the mornings.
In my opinion, despite I love swimming and painting, I prefer to do the kinds of activities which could allow me to discover a talent in me, such as sailing and photography, although I think I got so much things to give in those areas, because I love to take photographs, and not just to friends or myself as everybody does, but take pictures of places and people I have never seen, or the orange sky in spring on the afternoons, or waves crushing against a big rock, I don't know, some thing like that, I don't know how "good" am I for this activity, but I really like it. On the other hand, I have always wanted to sail because there is no other thing I live more than sea... I recognize I don't know anything about sailing, but I learn fast and I can try hardly to learn everything I need, because is very interested for me make new stuff.
There is some things I want to know, for example, What about clothes? What kind of clothes I can go with because of the weather conditions on July and I want to know is someone will be waiting for me at the airport. Besides I want to know if meals run on you or I have to pay them, that is very important to me.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.

Of you consideration

Fernanda Maturana

lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

Cuasimodo festivity

Dear Sunny,
How you doing? I hope you're doing great in New York! We all miss you here, and because as you know Easter was a very special time, is a pitty you had to go so fast, you missed Cuasimodo festivity... It was two days after you left, the Sunday after Easter and it's only celebrated here in central valley of Chile and it's organized by the peasant in here. It’s a day in which “cuasimodistas” expect anxiously, because they have a chance to demonstrate their grandeur faith to everybody by preparing the spurs, making the decoration of their horses, bikes and even vans with months in advanced. They also make garlands and signs to announce the arriving of Christ, so and then they make the communion to sick and old people, it would be very important to you because I know you're Catholic and you like to help people.
As you know, nothing in Chile is made by our own imagination and creativity, and this is not the exception. Because of the Council of Trento celebrated by the Catholic Church in Spain , it was established the convenience of taking communion at least once a year. According to this rule, which was spread out in America, it was common for priests to take the communion to sick people who couldn’t assist to the church. And because the priest and his delegation needed protection along their trip in rural paths, where a bandit could stole them, so after years of the same habit, community get into the tradition and also they had to remember the resurrection of Christ, the real miracle of Christian faith, so now men, women, kids and young people run on their horses or bikes next to the carriage of the priest, wearing white headscarves and yellow capes, in honor to the papal emblem. Now entire families, neighbors and group of friends make clubs to be part of this festival you have missed.
I have never had someone to go with, so I hope next year you'll be my partner to go, because I think you would like it just like just like me...
Well, I hope you'll be enthusiastic about Cuasimodo festivity, I know you will...
See you next year
Send greetings to your family
Take care

Fernanda Maturana

PS: I send you some pictures for you to see them and make a really good impression of what I'm talking about.

miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Something you would never imagine

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him on the window. It was the same face that I saw when I was just a child, I would recognize it everywhere.
I was so shocking for me, because I only thought about him in my dreams, I even got to know he didn't exist. He hadn't changed at all, Nosferatu was a tall creature with a very white skin, green eyes, which are gentile and angry at the same time. He was like 17 years old
When I first saw him, he scared me in the middle of the night and made me relax because I was very frightened of him with his white and long eyeteeth and his red eyes because of the thirst, after he saw me, he just couln't hurt me.
I remember we talked all night long about us, it was kind of weird, because after a while, I felt used to him. Think about it! A girl of six years old talking with a thisty vampire of seventeen years old!

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

The best way to travel in Santiago

As you can see in the picture, the subway moves around all over Santiago, from west to east. Although there are other alternatives to think, like buses or cars, is the best way to travel because of the benefits it gives you. For example, there are different kinds of fares, although in rush hours is more expensive, there is a "off-peak" hours, where you can save some money paying a low price.
On the other hand, the subway doesn't contaminate like buses or cars, is cleaner than the subway in other countries and every station has his own art, like "Bustamante" station for example.
Additionally, the subway has a lot of entertaining stuff and workshops, as the development of culture and information of any kind (as painting, history, dance, theatre, music, sculpture, astrology, etc) and besides, it has its own library for all kind of people.
At the moment, the subway is the faster way to travel and you can tranfer with buses so you can save one or two tickets.
So, as you can see, there are lots of ways to transport around Santiago, but, which one would you prefer?