jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Enviroment issues

Please, answer this survey:

1. What do you think is the best alternative energy source for water?

2. Explain all kinds of ways in which YOU can avoid pollution.

3. Do you know what Global Warming really means? Do you know how ordinary people helps this to happen?

4. What do you feel about this picture?

5. If world news said that the world is about to finish earlier than expected, would you help organizations to evoid this urgently??

6. Do you keep your trash when you eat something until you see a trashcan or you just throw it in the street? (Be honest)

7. Do you agree with people who wear real leather, cocodrile, snakeskin or fur coats (clothes in general)? Why?

8. If you could speak to the manager of a private company that you know it has always contaminated the city, what would be your argues to convince him to use other types of energy?

9. Have you ever visited parks, museums, zoos, or other types of placer in which you can find flora and fauna? Did you liked it? Did you learn something?

10. Do you really think this world is ending or youn think is just an exageration? Why?

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